Jessie’s Party Animals are already accustomed to the needs and requirements of photo shoots, or the tedious work of a star on the set of a commercial film. Yes, some of them are already famous! But they are still hard-working animals that can put on a show, or strike a good pose!

You might recognize our animals from events hosted by celebs such as: Kid Rock, Miley Cyrus, Holly Robinson, Eddie Griffin, Danny Trejo, TMZ and many others. Kelly Osbourne rented a unicorn for Miley Cyrus' birthday party and "The Doctors" have featured "Woody the Goat". The list goes on, and we’re ready to add more!

Our live animal rentals have also been a big hit at humane occasions, such as: photo shoots, films, fundraising events, catalogs, TV commercials and magazines. Discover more below:

Lady Gaga goes to Farmville!

"Decisions" - Borgore with Miley Cyrus Featuring Animals from Jessies Party Animals