Interested in hosting an event with Jessie's Party Animals?

You’re well on your way to a party that’s going in the books as being AWESOME!

We provide safe and educational fun that’s meant to open up a whole new dimension of celebration!

Finding a gentle soul to call your friend is an experience that can become a cherished childhood memory. That’s why we’ve focused our efforts into creating a business that’s love-focused! The animals love to be the center of attention, our staff loves to share their knowledge about our furry companions, and your guests will love the opportunity you’ve given them! They will be able to cuddle, pet, and even ride (for ponies) some of the cleanest, most kid-friendly and well trained animals.

Our team prides itself in being friendly, cleanliness-conscious, and dedicated to showing your guests a very good time! We need half an hour to set-up our rental petting-zoo, we give the most engaging and entertaining presentations along with our animal companions, and when the party’s over we take care of the clean-up.

The petting zoo consists of a variety of clean, tame and sweet-natured animals that include Ponies, Horses, Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Mini-Horses, Mules, Babydoll Sheeps, Chickens, Ducks, Rabbits, and Guinea Pigs. You can choose to have as many or as few animals present as you would like.

The petting zoo proves itself to be an excellent educational tool, in a world where fewer and fewer children have the privilege of spending time with farm animals. We are continuously rescuing and training new animals, so we’ll soon add more animals to the list of entertainers. And if you want an animal that’s not on the list, let us know! We know where you can find them!

If you want to plan a theme party, we can help you fully-customize the petting-zoo experience. We offer custom-made outfits and accessories, and our live animals for rent can even perform tricks. Please contact us after you book your party date! We’ll make all your ideas come to life! We will soon offer you the possibility of customizing full color party invitations with pictures of any of our animals. You’ll definitely spark-up the enthusiasm, even before the party starts!

We love to party and entertain, and we’ve already had fun at: Birthday Parties, Company parties, Barbeques, Quinceañera, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, Church functions, Nativity scenes, Movie and video productions, School events and fundraisers, Grand openings, Weddings, Proms, Holiday Parties, etc.

We’re highly-mobile and we can adjust our party plans to your needs and budget. These are the logic-driven reasons why you should choose to host a party with us, but the cuddly cuteness of our live miniature animals is what will definitely seal the deal! Let’s make this party incredibly hard to top!